SITUATION:   A major North American carrier is moving to a converged offering.  To maintain its leadership in the market, the company has embarked on a multi-year product development effort to create a bundled offering of fixed-line voice, IPTV, data and wireless. 

The Amdocs billing platform is being used for this converged offering with substantial customization.  This client came to Alliance to reduce their dependence on the billing vendor.  


SOLUTION:   Alliance was retained to assist the client’s development manager in reducing the level of defects.  This was accomplished by providing a team of Amdocs specialists to provide technical support for the development, QA and release organizations.  During the initial 9-month engagement, the team reduced the defect level from over 100 defects per day in the production version to zero defects.

To accomplish this result, Alliance drew on global resources to provide a team with both development and analytical skills. 

The Alliance team was co-located with the client’s development team and functioned in an integrated effort. This provided knowledge transfer and supported the client’s effort to manage the Amdocs development effort.  


RESULTS:   This partnership has yielded high quality code that is ready to integrate into the production system.  The client was particularly pleased by the seamless integration of the Alliance consulting team into his group.

The client is able to be far more effective in managing the development process with the vendor and internally.

Significant knowledge transfer has occurred from the Alliance team to the client’s staff.  To quote our client directly:  “Alliance has become a critical success factor for the group.”

Alliance will help this client maintain competitive leadership and faster deployment of this industry-leading converged product.

Alliance maintains expertise in major billing system platforms currently deployed globally.  Our experience with the Amdocs platform has been continuous since 1996.


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